Visitors at the opening reception for Orlando (February 7 – September 5, 2020), McEvoy Arts, San Francisco. Photo: Pat Mazzera

Visitors at the opening reception for Orlando (February 7 – September 5, 2020), McEvoy Arts, San Francisco. Photo: Pat Mazzera

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Open for exploration, contemplation, and engagement in the art and ideas of the McEvoy Family Collection.

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts presents exhibitions and events that engage, expand, and challenge themes in the McEvoy Family Collection. Established in 2017, McEvoy Arts’ vision is to create an open, intimate, and welcoming setting for private contemplation and community discussion about art and culture.

Rooted in the creative legacies of the San Francisco Bay Area, McEvoy Arts embodies a far-reaching vision of the McEvoy Family Collection’s potential to facilitate and engage conversations on the practice of contemporary art. We invite artists, curators, and thinkers with varied perspectives to respond to the Collection. These collaborations produce three annual exhibitions in McEvoy Arts’ gallery, new media programs in the Screening Room, as well as dozens of film, music, literary, and performing arts events each year.

McEvoy Arts’ exhibitions and events calendar is produced in collaboration with local, national, and international cultural and arts organizations that broaden the boundaries of the visual arts and invite the participation of diverse communities. In addition to these collaborative programs, McEvoy Arts provides opportunities for selected partners to engage privately with exhibitions by donating our space and resources to events that further the Foundation’s mission.

McEvoy Family Collection

The McEvoy Family Collection encompasses the collections of Nion McEvoy and his family.

Originally a collector of photography, Nion McEvoy’s interest in music, design, and media led him to include a wider diversity of forms, including painting, video, installation, and sculpture. Several themes are evident in the collection such as the work of California artists, portraiture, music, conceptual art, and humor. 

His mother, Nan McEvoy, collected 20th-century paintings, prints, works on paper, and sculpture. Her contributions feature figurative works and landscapes, pop art, and abstract art. A shared theme of books, newspapers, and letters reflects both McEvoys’ careers as publishers.

A lifetime of artworks treasured by the McEvoy family are available to the public through the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts.


Mamma Andersson
Diane Arbus
Libby Black
Carol Bove
Anne Collier
Richard Diebenkorn
Lee Friedlander
Charles Gaines
David Hockney
Alex Katz
Ragnar Kjartansson
Goshka Macuga

Christian Marclay
Robert Motherwell
Nathan Oliveira
Dario Robleto
Larry Sultan
Mark di Suvero
Wayne Thiebaud
Andy Warhol
James Welling
Edward Weston
Garry Winogrand
Lisa Yuskavage


Last updated October 1, 2020

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts stand united with all people peacefully organizing to speak the truth about racial violence, in all its forms, and are committed to engaging in deep, sometimes difficult, conversations about the role that cultural and arts institutions must play in developing a more just and equitable world. The urgent need for these conversations is underscored by a national reckoning with the pervasive, systemic racism and an ongoing pandemic that disproportionately harms communities of color. Through these immense challenges, we remain firm in our belief that the arts are a powerful and innovative form of expression that shapes people for a lifetime.

McEvoy Arts’ programs aim to support culturally diverse artistic projects from all over the world and provide access to those programs freely to all communities. We believe in the arts as a powerful and innovative form of expression that can shape people for a lifetime. However, even as a young arts institution, we can do more. We must undertake the difficult work of resisting racism, systemic oppression, and inequity in all corners of society—including our cultural institutions.

The staff and board of McEvoy Arts are listening and engaging in discussions with internal and external stakeholders to fortify our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all aspects of our work and programs. McEvoy Arts pledges to update its communities periodically with its learnings and policy changes that stem from its commitment to enshrining anti-racist values in its programmatic and administrative structure.

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McEvoy Foundation for the Arts sits on the unceded territory of the Ramaytush Ohlone people, who have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for thousands of years. We acknowledge and honor their ongoing stewardship of this land. We encourage you to learn more about the history of where you live at

Jen Loman Associate Director
Susan Miller Executive Director
Amanda Nudelman Exhibitions and Public Programs Curator
Ruby Schneider Gallery Assistant
Dylan Sherman Communications Coordinator and Curatorial Assistant
Layne Takahashi Gallery Assistant
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Nion McEvoy Founder
Jason Fish President
Michael Carabetta Treasurer
Jennifer González Secretary
Susan Swig

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