Angelo de Augustine

Angelo De Augustine. Photo: Inma Varandela


Angelo De Augustine and Many Rooms

Angelo De Augustine and Many Rooms perform as part of For the Sake of Summer, McEvoy Arts’ film and music series featuring an eclectic mix of musicians and filmmakers.

McEvoy Arts hosts Angelo De Augustine and Many Rooms, co-presented with Noise Pop.

Swim Inside the Moon is the latest album by Angelo De Augustine, and it captures a sound he’s been looking for since he started playing music a decade ago. “A sound behind the voice,” says Angelo, who recorded this record in his bathtub using a reel-to-reel machine and a single Shure SM57 microphone. “I noticed that when you sing off a reflective surface you hear two voices. I was compelled to isolate that voice and bring it more to the front of the songs because in many ways I feel more connected to and comforted by that voice following me.” Angelo writes and records music in Thousand Oaks, California.

Even at a young age, Houston-based Brianna Hunt had a taste in music and art that leaned towards the melancholy. This inclination would follow her as she immersed herself in DIY punk and first conceived the earliest incarnation of Many Rooms, the moniker under which she records and performs.

For the Sake of Summer expands upon film and music motifs and cultural themes explored in McEvoy Arts’ summer exhibition, Ragnar Kjartansson: Scenes from Western Culture. The music series presents a sonic compliment to Kjartansson’s video installations that are “about a feeling, but there’s no story.” For the Sake of Summer is co-presented with Canyon Cinema, Noise Pop, and the Roxie Theater.