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FAN and Screaming



FAN and Screaming

FAN and Screaming perform as part of For the Sake of Summer, McEvoy Arts’ film and music series featuring an eclectic mix of musicians and filmmakers.

McEvoy Arts hosts FAN and Screaming, co-presented with Noise Pop.

FAN is the recording project of Meric Long. Conceived upon hearing an irreproducible pattern made from the sound of a broken fan in a restaurant bathroom, FAN’s music is created using two synths left behind after his father’s passing. For a musician who has spent many years primarily playing guitar, the shift to writing with synthesizers was initially daunting. But doing so gave Long the opportunity to finally embrace a wealth of childhood influences, including Nintendo soundtracks, Devo, Brian Eno, and Prince.

For the Sake of Summer expands upon film and music motifs and cultural themes explored in McEvoy Arts’ summer exhibition, Ragnar Kjartansson: Scenes from Western Culture. The music series presents a sonic compliment to Kjartansson’s video installations that are “about a feeling, but there’s no story.” For the Sake of Summer is co-presented with Canyon Cinema, Noise Pop, and the Roxie Theater.