Helen Shewolfe Tseng. Photo by Pete Lee.

Gallery Sessions

Gallery Sessions: Helen Shewolfe Tseng

Helen Shewolfe Tseng draws from their divination practice in a tour through Rituals of Devotion.

McEvoy Arts invites San Francisco-based artist Helen Shewolfe Tseng to draw from their divination practice in a guided tour of select artworks on view in Rituals of Devotion, including Suzanne Treister’s work Hexen 2.0/Tarot/Swords (2009–2011). During the interactive session, Tseng and curator Amanda Nudelman explore the innovative ways artists use tarot cards and other spiritual tools in their art-making. This free event is part of McEvoy Arts’ ongoing Gallery Sessions series, which invites local artists and curators to explore artworks with visitors in an intimate setting.


Helen Shewolfe Tseng is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, writer, naturalist, and witch, born to Taiwanese immigrants in the Deep South and currently based in San Francisco. Their work is influenced by ancestral and diasporic relationships to place, folk spiritual practices, interspecies collaborations, trickster archetypes, and neurodivergence, and has taken the forms of drawings, paintings, books and zines, writing, rituals, talismans, talks, workshops, installations, participatory works, computational works, and combinations of the above. Previously, Helen was a 2022 Artist in Residence at Montalvo Arts Center, the 2019 Design Fellow at Headlands Center for the Arts, and a 2018-2019 Fellow at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.