Courtesy of Toxic Waste Face


Head Bangers

Take home a custom mask from this workshop led by Toxic Waste Face that investigates color and character tropes.

Bay Area drag performance trio Toxic Waste Face, known for their bold explorations of gender, caricature, and social performance, leads an interactive mask-making workshop on color and identity. Participants receive a personal, hand-sculpted mask, designed and fabricated by the artists, along with a single-word prompt to inspire the development of an original character. From there, participants access a treasury of unique, hand-picked crafting materials to bring their characters to life. The workshop includes “head-banging” music and culminates with a concept presentation and informal activation. 

Workshop is open to participants ages 18 and up. All experience levels are welcome and all materials are included.


Toxic Waste Face is a trio of multi-disciplinary artists (Jader, Pseuda, and Urheinous) exploring the contemporary human condition through full-fantasy performances and video art that feature larger-than-life costume creations and avant-garde makeup. Working across the art world and queer nightlife, Toxic Waste Face mounts experiences that are as entertaining as they are thought-provoking. The collective has performed extensively throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and at numerous venues both domestically and abroad. Recent projects include The Feed, an interactive performance/video art hybrid at Art Basel Miami Beach; Sharp Shadow at the Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway; and Digital Witness, a symposium on virtual queer performance hosted with SOMArts.

Head Bangers is produced by McEvoy Arts in conjunction with the exhibition Color Code.