Courtesy of Genevieve Quick

Photo courtesy of Genevieve Quick


Hello World

A radical sci-fi fantasy of Otherness and communication told through a live performance and video game.

Genevieve Quick’s Hello World focuses on CETI (Celadonian ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence), a research consortium that facilitates communication between Planet Celadon and Earth. As the narrative unfolds through the live performance and video game, the performers encounter a black hole, the multiverse, and communication outages that the scientists attempt to remedy.

Hello World blurs the boundaries between interactive video, performance, and video games, extending Quick’s exploration of global identity and politics in media-based practices. With a cast of all self-identified Asian American women, the video game offers a two-way channel between earth and the multiverse, a bridge across time, and a metaphor for the Asian diaspora.

The video game is played by the performers over a live stream to Telematic Media Arts, and the performance includes a new musical score and performances by several Asian American artists. Hello World is commissioned by McEvoy Arts.


Genevieve Quick is a San Francisco-based interdisciplinary artist and critic whose work explores global identity and politics in speculative narratives, technology, and media-based practices. She has exhibited at institutions including the Wattis Institute, San Francisco; Asian Cultural Center, Gwangju, South Korea; and Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. Quick has been awarded visual arts residencies at Headlands Center for the Arts, Recology, and the de Young Museum, among others. She has contributed essays and reviews to publications including 48 Hills, Artforum, cmagazine, and Art Practical.