Courtesy of Red Culebra


Red Culebra: Let Us Speak Frog

An experimental music performance with animation and live dance explores imagined ecologies.

Let Us Speak Frog is an experimental music and multi-media performance. Responding to the Holocene extinction—the ongoing extinction event caused by human activity—electronic synthesizer duo Red Culebra uses generative composition to speak non-human languages and explore imagined ecologies. At this event, Red Culebra premieres their two-hour durational performance during which audiences will witness two musicians transform themselves, via sound, into flying snakes. Inspired by Indigenous mythologies and storytelling traditions, they enter alternative realms of space and time as they visit frogs throughout the world and attempt to apologize for human destruction.

Let Us Speak Frog also features live dance choreographed by Gerald Casel and immersive animation by Christoph Steger.


Red Culebra is an electronic synthesizer duo and collaboration of Bay Area electronic musicians and performance artists gal*in_dog (aka Guillermo Galindo) and Cristóbal Martínez. Red Culebra’s performance art includes sound invocations, moving images, and movement by performers. Inspired by their complicated Post-Mexican backgrounds, Galindo and Martinez create and perform rituals based on cycles of repetition and uniformity. The sonic, graphic, and repetitive nature of their work requires both endurance and determination from their audiences, while denying participating publics the opportunity to fetishize ceremony. Founded in San Francisco, Red Culebra has performed throughout the Bay Area at venues including the San Francisco Art Institute, The Lab, BAMPFA, and Southern Exposure.