Courtesy of Lise Silva Gomes


Your Intuitive Colorscape

Discover your personal color palette in this meditative experience led by Lise Silva Gomes.

Have you ever come across a colorful object out in the world and felt immediately nostalgic? Do you recall ever being unexpectedly moved to feel great sadness or joy when seeing a certain color, but unable to explain why? Explore these questions with Oakland-based artist and author Lise Silva Gomes as she leads an introspective color experience. Participants begin by intuitively responding to projected color fields and taking note of memories, images, and emotions they associate with specific shades. Gomes then invites the group to use colored pencils, origami paper, and other creative supplies to unpack the source of their visceral chromatic reactions. Participants leave with a better understanding of their personal color palette and new ideas for how to incorporate it into their everyday lives.

Your Intuitive Colorscape is open to participants ages 14 and up. All experience levels are welcome. All materials, including journals, color papers, color pencils, and palette templates, are included.


Lise Silva Gomes is an artist and author whose practice spans fiber art, digital painting, writing, and creative visualization techniques. Her 2020 book, Sacred Knots: Create, Adorn, and Transform Through the Art of Knotting, is the culmination of her studies and creations in the medium of knotting. In addition to fiber work, she teaches workshops, illustrates, writes, and speaks on approaches to building a personally authentic and community-grounded creative practice. Gomes lives and works in Oakland.

Your Intuitive Colorscape is produced by McEvoy Arts in conjunction with the exhibition Color Code.