Mary Carlson, St Catherine Reading (after Campin), 2020. Glazed porcelain. McEvoy Family Collection. Courtesy of the artist and Kerry Schuss Gallery, New York.


Rituals of Devotion

An exhibition of artworks that celebrate spirituality and love, both otherworldly and earthly.

Rituals of Devotion features sculpture, painting, and photography organized to celebrate the rich narratives that surround ritual practice in its many forms. A journey through the sacred, otherworldly, and mundane, the exhibition explores the performance of ritual as a tool for transformation and empathy.

Practices of prayer, pilgrimage, and worship, anchored in thousands of years of tradition, demonstrate a commitment to the divine and the pursuit of enlightenment. More idiosyncratic customs emerge within families and other communities to preserve ancestral legacies and foster closeness between loved ones. Rituals are not only a method for honoring individual and collective experiences, but also an opportunity to revisit and reimagine inherited histories.

Some artworks on view offer stirring and playful reflections on religious mythologies and spiritual symbols to bring forth new visions of old stories. Others channel the power of real and imaginary mystical sites as havens for gathering and communion. Another group of works traverses the boundaries of Earth and the cosmos by drawing connections between the tenderness that exists in human relationships to extraterrestrial beings.


Marina Abramović
Mamma Andersson
Mary Carlson
Jordan Ann Craig
Tacita Dean
William Eggleston
Mary Frey
Lee Friedlander
Nan Goldin
Liz Hernández
Sky Hopinka
Baseera Khan

Karla Knight
Zoe Leonard
Robert Mapplethorpe
Zanele Muholi
Edvard Munch
Portia Munson
Sahana Ramakrishnan
Dario Robleto
Ursula Schulz-Dornburg
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Mark Todd
Suzanne Treister
Esther Pearl Watson

Rituals of Devotion is curated by McEvoy Arts exhibitions and public programs curator Amanda Nudelman.