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Rituals of Devotion

Artworks celebrate profound acts of spirituality and love, both earthly and otherworldly.

Screening Room

We Begin Again

Uplifting portraits of interpersonal and spiritual relationships reflect the ways we stay rooted in the past and sustain future generations.


Say Amen, Somebody

This acclaimed music documentary is a joyous, funny, and deeply emotional ode to gospel music and African American culture.


Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki’s animated masterpiece explores familial bonds that transcend the boundary between earthly and spiritual realms.

Tomonari Nishikawa 45 7 Broadway, 2013 16mm transferred to video, color, sound 5:05 min. Courtesy of the artist
Screening Room

Visible Light

Bold filmmakers use a wide array of cinematic techniques and materials to illuminate the chromatic spectrum through the moving image.


Color Code

McEvoy Arts’ fifth anniversary exhibition celebrates the many ways that color is used to convey meaning and elicit emotion.


Your Intuitive Colorscape

Discover your personal color palette in this meditative experience led by Lise Silva Gomes.

Gallery Sessions

Gallery Sessions: Leah Rosenberg

San Francisco artist and colorist Leah Rosenberg considers the languages of color in select works on view in Color Code .


Head Bangers

Take home a custom mask from this workshop led by Toxic Waste Face that investigates color and character tropes.