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Design by Samantha Maria Xochitl Espinoza
Talks & Panels

It’s a Moment

An Orlando-inspired evening of performances and conversations on transformation and empowerment in the arts.


Sally Potter’s Orlando

A rare 35mm screening of Sally Potter’s now-classic adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s pioneering novel.

Michael Jang's California exhibition poster. Photo: Michael Jang. Type: Kel Troughton

Michael Jang’s California

"Michael Jang’s California" surveys the artist’s varied oeuvre through photographs, ephemera, and complementary works by Jang’s major influences.

Blues is the Word. Courtesy of Kim Addonizio


Writer Kim Addonizio curates an evening of performance that explores the self, place, and portraiture through poetry, prose, film, music, and more.

What is an edition, anyway? poster illustration by Tucker Nichols

What is an edition, anyway?

Artists and collectors explore the concept of the “edition” as an idea reproduced in limited quantities.

From left: Popsies figurines from the personal collection of Daniel Clowes; original cover drawing for Eightball #8, 1992. Photo: Henrik Kam
Talks & Panels

Gallery Sessions: Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes takes visitors through his personal collection of Popsies figurines and their impact on his seminal comic book series Eightball.