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Dilexi Panel graphic
Talks & Panels

Dilexi Series Panel

Curator Steve Seid, former Dilexi Gallery owner Jim Newman, and artists Anna Halprin and Philip Makanna discuss the "Dilexi Series," the radical 1969 broadcasts

Christine Marie, Shadows in Stereo

Shadows in Stereo: Christine Marie

An immersive and interactive 3-D stereo imaging experience, "Shadows in Stereo" questions what role analog techniques play amid digital technology and modern

la mère la mer graphic

la mère la mer

McEvoy Arts' inaugural exhibition, 'la mère la mer,' (the mother the sea) features works from the collection of Nion McEvoy and the collection of his mother, Nan

Six Sensational Ocean Views graphic
Talks & Panels

Six Sensational Ocean Views

McEvoy Arts' first public program assembles an interdisciplinary group of artists, academics, and activists to explore the conceptual currents and depths of 'la