Upcoming Exhibitions

February 16, 2018 - May 5, 2018

Stories: Philip-Lorca diCorcia & Constance DeJong

Stories features photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s A Storybook Life (1978-1999) and writer and performer Constance DeJong’s Radios (2015-ongoing). Through images, audio, and objects, the artists’ fragmented narratives invite viewers to become an active part of storytelling.

DiCorcia’s A Storybook Life creates a dreamland straddling documentary and staged photography through tableaus of domestic situations using friends and family as models. The work is arranged in a particular, nonlinear order, with only four complete sets in existence.

For Radios, DeJong presents a set of vintage radios simultaneously playing intimate and disarming narratives. She says: “The speaking voice disconnected from a body can invoke intense listening, a kind of attention like no other.”

Stories is curated by Kevin Moore.


February 16, 2018 - May 5, 2018

WHEN THE MEDIUM WASN'T: San Francisco's Dilexi Series

Broadcast across the Bay Area in 1969, the Dilexi Series is a collection of radical television programs created by a host of artists including Julian Beck, Walter De Maria, Kenneth Dewey, Robert Frank, Anna Halprin, Phil Makanna, Robert Nelson, Yvonne Rainer, Terry Riley and Arlo Acton, Edwin Schlossberg, Andy Warhol, William Wiley, and Frank Zappa.

Commissioned by Dilexi Gallery director Jim Newman and KQED-9 TV, the Dilexi Series was visually original, thematically diverse, and subversive programming made with complete disregard for “good” TV.

Curated by Steve Seid and co-presented with the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Screenings daily in MFA’s media room.

Program 1: Paradigm Shift (starts at 10 am)
Anna Halprin, Right On
Terry Riley & Arlo Acton, Music with Balls
Phil Makanna, The Empire of Things

Program 2: Marching Orders (starts at 11:15 am)
Yvonne Rainer, Dance Fractions for the West Coast

Program 3: Acts of Seeing (starts at 12:15 pm)
Walter De Maria, Hardcore
Edwin Schlossberg, Making Visible

Program 4: New Performance (starts at 1:10 pm)
Julian Beck, Rites of Guerrilla Theater
Kenneth Dewey, Night-Eye Fire

Program 5: Young & Old (starts at 2:20 pm)
Robert Frank, Conversations in Vermont
Andy Warhol, Paul Swan

Program 6: Late Night Talk (starts at 3:30 pm) *
Frank Zappa, Burnt Weeny Sandwich
William Wiley, What do you talk about? Parts 1 & 2


Past Exhibition

La Mère La Mer
October 28, 2017 - January 13, 2018

la mère la mer

La mère la mer (the mother the sea) highlights the breadth of the McEvoy Family Collection, from Nion McEvoy and his mother Nan Tucker McEvoy (1919-2015). It features a variety of artists including Richard Diebenkorn, Roe Ethridge, Carsten Höller, Ragnar Kjartansson, Ed Ruscha, and Wayne Thiebaud.

The exhibition is organized around a principle of poetic assonance; works from the collection of the mother (la mère) resonate with works from the collection of the son and many depict the sea (la mer). The combination reveals commonalities and divergences across two related but singular creative minds.

La mère la mer is co-curated by Nion McEvoy and Kevin Moore.