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5 appointments not to be missed in Paris Photo

Since November 1997, Paris has lived to the rhythm of photography, with the opening of Paris Photo, the world’s leading photography fair that attracts more and more fans and enthusiasts each year. And the 2018 edition is still this unmissable event of autumn, welcoming from November 8 to 11, under the Nave of the Grand Palais, 149 international galleries. To survive this excitement, Vogue recommends these 5 essential events, to aim just between the swarming picture rails.

1. The course Elles x Paris Photo

© Persimmon, The unknown – 2018 Andrea Torres Balaguer courtesy in camera gallery 1,20 x 0,90 – Fine Art Prints

When photography is combined with the feminine, the wandering between the walls of the Grand Palais is all the more pleasing. Under the initiative of independent exhibition curator Fannie Escoulan , this 100% female run is a beautiful encounter with the bold photographers of the early 1900s – Julia Margaret Cameron and Margaret Watkins headlining – not to mention the feminists of the 70s like Arlene Gottfried and Joan Lyons , and the young shoots stuffed with talent – Lisa Sartorio, Wiame Haddad or Hilla Kurki (remember these names). Prolonged outside the walls, this vibrant tribute to women photographers will extend toPetit Palais , at the Fondation Cartier or the Jeu de Paume where the inspiring Dorothea Lange is currently in the spotlight.

2. The Curiosa sector

© Consumer Art – 1974 Courtesy Natalia LL and lokal_30 gallery Warsaw, -,

It is with curiosity a little scoundrel that we discover the brand new sector, cleverly called Curiosa , which will decline each year a particular theme. And for 2018, eroticism is in the spotlight, embodied by a series of suggestive, fetishistic and fantasized photographs, questioned by the relationship to body, domination and sexuality, and questions gender. Exhibition curator Martha Kirszenbaum focuses on a diverse selection of epochs, styles and speeches from Nobuyoshi Araki to Antoine d’Agata to Robert Mapplethorpe & Bart Julius Peters.

3. The Guy Bourdin exhibition

guy bourdin vogue

© Guy Bourdin Vogue Paris, January 1978 Image Copyright The Guy Bourdin Estate 2018 and Courtesy of Louise Alexander Gallery

4. The ephemeral bookshop Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton paris photo
© courtesy of Louis Vuitton Editions

It’s not one, not two, but five new Fashion Eye from the Louis Vuittoneditions that were created during Paris Photo . These sublime travel books like no other tell a destination through the eyes of a photographer. Last born of this collection prestige Iran of Harley Weir, The Silk Road of Kishin Shinoyama , Geneva from Paul Rousteau , Cretto di Burri of Oliviero Toscani and Bali to Quentin Briey that will be available, as well as the unavoidable City Guide, in the ephemeral bookshop Louis Vuitton installed at the foot of the grand staircase of the Grand Palais during the fair. Do not miss ? The dedications of several photographers present (Kourtney Roy, Peter Lindbergh will be there). All the dates of the meetings are available on the site

5. The McEvoy Family Collection

carina brandes paris photo
© Untitled (CB191), 2016, Carina Brandes 2016 87 x 75 cm Black and white photograph on baryta Courtesy of the Artist and Team Gallery, New York

This year’s flagship event, the Shego / Hego / Ego exhibition , curated by Kevin Moore, features the exceptional McEvoy Family collection featuring an anthology of big names: William Eggleston, Herve Guibert, Anne Collier, Sigmar Polke, Carina Brandes … All gathered around a poetic impulse and a proven taste for mischief. So we can not slip a leathery eye into the Salon d’Honneur.