Press Release

McEvoy Arts’ Spring Exhibition Rituals of Devotion Assembles Artworks That Honor Acts of Spirituality and Earthly Love

Mary Carlson, St Catherine Reading (after Campin), 2020

San Francisco, CA. January 5, 2023 — McEvoy Arts’ 2023 season opens with Rituals of Devotion, an exhibition of artworks that celebrate profound acts of spirituality and love, both earthly and otherworldly. This assembly of sculpture, painting, and photography, culled from the McEvoy Family Collection and elsewhere, illustrates the bridges built through art that both bond us to each other and link us to the spiritual world.

The artists use a wide variety of methods to externalize the profound feelings inherent to the powerful connections we associate with faith, family, and community. Karla Knight and Suzanne Treister engage symbols of spirituality that are familiar in form, such as pictographs and tarot cards, and transform them to surface what often lies hidden, inviting the viewer to consider alternate futures. Mary Carlson’s tiny ceramic sculptures reference traditional Christian religious subjects, upending and enlivening the canonical imagery through their intimately handcrafted forms.

Depictions of the earthly plane are seen in Nan Goldin and Zanele Muholi’s chronicles of moments of tenderness between family, lovers, and friends. Dario Robleto traces a lineage of empathetic love by crafting a sculpture that transforms his family’s shared fondness for vinyl records into a haunting intergenerational love letter cast in the form of family members’ skeletal hands at different life stages.

Still other characterizations of rituals on earth include Sky Hopinka’s photographs of ordinary domestic and natural landscapes, bounded by text etched along their borders, that create sites of exaltation and connection to the Heroka spirits who guide matters of life and death. Together, the artworks demonstrate the possibility offered by ritual to examine how our predecessors try to make sense of the unknown, while simultaneously defining new methods for sharing knowledge and care in our contemporary moment.

Rituals of Devotion includes an exhibition of short films screened daily in McEvoy Arts’ Screening Room. A slate of public programs and events will be announced. Visit for information. 

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Color Code Extended: McEvoy Arts‘ fifth anniversary exhibition Color Code, is extended to February 11, 2023. Featuring dozens of works from the McEvoy Family Collection and new commissions by Sadie Barnette, Angela Hennessy, Clare Rojas, and Zio Ziegler, Color Code explores how color is a design tool used by artists to tell their stories and create their works. Visible Light, a program of short films on color and light, continues in the Screening Room. The Fifth Edition, a single-issue newspaper celebrating McEvoy Arts’ fifth anniversary, is available at the gallery.  

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Image Credit: Mary Carlson, St Catherine Reading (after Campin), 2020. Glazed porcelain. McEvoy Family Collection. Courtesy of the artist and Kerry Schuss Gallery, New York.