Christine Marie, Shadows in Stereo, 2017-2018 Jon Fischer and Danny Clay, Turntable Drawings, 2017-2018

Left to right: Christine Marie, Shadows in Stereo, 2017-2018. Photo by Dev Kumar; Jon Fischer and Danny Clay, Turntable Drawings, 2017-2018. Photo by Jon Fischer.

Christine Marie, Shadows in Stereo, 2017-2018. Photo by Dev Kumar

Press Release

McEvoy Arts Presents Christine Marie’s “Shadows in Stereo” and Danny Clay and Jon Fischer’s “Turntable Drawings”

The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts presents Christine Marie’s Shadows in Stereo and Danny Clay and Jon Fischer’s Turntable Drawings, a series of interactive workshops and performances in conjunction with Stories, McEvoy Arts’ Spring 2018 exhibition. Free and open to the public, these live experiments revisit the 20th century technologies of augmented reality (Marie) and vinyl records (Clay, Fischer) with visitors and invited artists, musicians, writers, and dancers. Artists will be working in the McEvoy Arts gallery space throughout the Stories exhibition, developing their projects for final performances. Attendees will experience a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. Visit for the full schedule and program.

Christine Marie’s Shadows in Stereo projects large shadows on the gallery walls that appear 3-D with appropriate eyewear. Danny Clay and Jon Fischer create a unique soundscape by playing hand-pressed records on turntables in the gallery space. These projects interpret and respond to concepts presented in Stories, linked by manipulating analog and time-based media. Shadows in Stereo workshops begin Tuesday, February 20, culminating in a performance on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Turntable Drawings workshops begin Saturday, February 24, with a final workshop and performance on Saturday, April 7.

Shadows in Stereo
Christine Marie

Shadows in Stereo is an analog, 3-D stereo imaging experience. Accompanied by a team of performers and dancers, artist Christine Marie uses handmade lights, simple objects, and wire sculpture to cast 30-foot shadows onto walls, ceilings, and floors. Guests wear red-blue anaglyph eyewear which makes the shadows appear three-dimensional, including the guests’ shadows as they wander about the space.

Marie and her team will create performances inspired by found 3-D film footage including scenes from James Cameron’s Avatar and 1980s NASA VR simulations. Shadows in Stereo questions what role analog techniques play amid digital technology and modern storytelling, creating an alternative visual space of discovery and exploration. Workshops culminate with a final performance. Collaborators include a choreographer, composer, cinematographer, and students from SFAI and CCA.

Christine Marie is a visual artist and director creating original lo-fi spectacles of large-scale cinematic shadow theater, film, and installation. Her work integrates performers, objects, and handmade special effects to craft visually stimulating experiences. Marie strives to break new ground while remaining intrinsically tied to ancient art forms and the metaphysical exploration of light. Marie received an MFA in Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts. Her last full-length production, 4 Trains, premiered at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. She studied Wayang Kulit traditional shadow puppetry in Bali and is a former member of ShadowLight theater. Marie is a TED Fellow and has taught shadow animation at Pixar and DreamWorks.

Turntable Drawings
Danny Clay and Jon Fischer

Turntable Drawings is a collaboration between composer Danny Clay and printmaker Jon Fischer. The pair play a collection of custom-made records for interactive performance events.

Turntable Drawings is an aural response to Stories and explores records as sculptural and sonic prints.

Clay and Fischer manufacture records imprinted with mathematical textures, original recorded materials, and direct casts of existing LPs that include some of history’s earliest recorded sounds. Turntable Drawings places records and turntables in McEvoy Arts’ main gallery for invited artists and visitors to browse and play. Clay and Fischer will conduct a “turntable orchestra,” inviting guest artists from various disciplines (music, visual art, performance, creative writing) and students to interact with the soundscape.

Danny Clay is a composer and artist from Ohio currently based in San Francisco. His work is deeply rooted in curiosity, collaboration, and the sheer joy of making things. His projects often incorporate musical games, found objects, archival media, toy instruments, elementary school classrooms, graphic notation, digital errata, cross-disciplinary research, and the everything in between. Recent collaborators include Kronos Quartet, Youth Speaks, Third Coast Percussion, Post: Ballet, Sarah Cahill, Phyllis Chen, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Thingamajigs, Areon Flutes, Mobius Trio, the Living Earth Show, Friction Quartet, and Greg Gorlen.

Jon Fischer was raised in Pennsylvania by Israeli parents from Morocco and France. He earned degrees in bioengineering and philosophy of science before learning how to screen print at at CELLspace in San Francisco. He owns a screen print studio in the Mission District and focuses on large works on canvas, interactive installations, and limited-edition series. Fischer is also an Associate Professor of Engineering Technology at the California State University Maritime Academy.